Facility’s drug cost per patient per day exceeded budget by approximately 11%.

Empirian was asked to provide a solution to help manage rapidly increasing drug costs, specifically within their brand drug spend. Of primary concern, our client wanted a way to manage these costs without disruption to physician prescribing habits or patient care. From a Cost Per Patient Day metric, this facility was well above their desired target and looking for a partner with experience in maximizing efficiencies relative to pharmacy spend.


Empirian leveraged our buying power and clinical experience in data analysis to immediately demonstrate cost savings.

Understanding our client’s need to reduce costs in a manner with no operational disruption, Empirian initiated a thorough analysis of claims data for clinical and rebate opportunities. While brand drugs represented a significant portion of total spend, many were identified as clinically necessary with no generic alternative available. Our client chose to take advantage of Empirian’s rebate program built for this sole reason; reducing brand spend when the prescribed drug is without alternatives.


A partnership with Empirian drives outcomes.

In the first quarter participating in our rebate program, our client saw a 5% overall reduction in CPPD. By the third quarter participating, savings exceeded 8% of total CPPD. To date, our client has used our program to help consistently meet CPPD budgets and continue to provide the level of excellent patient care that their patients have come to expect.